The Out of Character Trilogy

Price: $19.95


Language: English

Length: 127 pages

Features 587 pages of BONUS CONTENT, including line art, oversized, textless art, and some other cool goodies.

Description: This was our first project and it took years to complete. Here it is folks, the OOC trilogy! And don't worry! We're not going to rape your memories by making another prequel trilogy nobody wants at some point in the future. This is it. Done deal. Perfect the first time. =)

Individual Book Descriptions:

OOC #1: Ranma meets 4th Wall humor in this outrageous parody! Can the actors go through with starring in another doujinshi? Or will they rebel against the production staff? Find out in OOC #1!

OOC #2: Picking up where the original OOC left off, we find Ranma reunited with Kodachi. The couple sneak backstage and into an unoccupied set in the hopes of getting some "alone" time. Little do they know, someone is indeed watching them on the security monitor! Who's watching them? What will Akane think about all of this? And will the writers force the Ranma actors to sink to a new low? Find out in Out of Character #2!

OOC #3: The story of Out of Character CONCLUDES! A fearsome beast is set loose in the Tendo home! And there isn't a girl in the house who's safe. O_O The final chapter in the OOC series is both our homage to the Tentacle Monster genre, and parody of how silly it really is.

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