Dragon Ball Z: Cell Game

Price: $9.95


Language: English

Length: 38 pages

Features 43 pages of BONUS CONTENT including black and white line art plus the original Spanish version of the comic!

Description: Cell, dubbed the "Perfect Warrior", has given Earth's fighters only ten days to prepare for a tournament that will literally determine the fate of the world. With time on his hands, Cell scouts the warriors, only to find Goku and Chichi utilizing a mysterious "training" technique. Determined to not let Goku surpass him, he sets out on a sexual odyssey, poised to become as perfect in bed as he is on the battlefield.

Cell isn't the only enemy Goku has to worry about though. His old foe, Vegeta, returns to challenge him for the right to face Cell in the upcoming tournament. Join us for outrageous mayhem in Dragon Ball Z: Cell Game!

This third party comic was created by Adun and Sulca and is perfect for any DBZ fan. Although the story was written by team Sulca, the RHG's very own Deep Star handled the translation and localization duties. Previously available only in black and white (and in Spanish no less), this is the first time the comic has been featured both in color and in English. The quality of the art is truly stunning. If you'd like to see more comics from team Sulca, please know that strong sales of this title will help make that a reality. One exciting follow up project would feature Bulma in a starring role for example. But for that to happen, the fans need to rally behind this comic first and give team Sulca a strong incentive to bring more DBZ to the fans quickly. Thanks for your support!

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